Proudly Serving Northwest Ohio

Jim Speiser & Sons Electric is a company responsive to the needs of other businesses in the highly competitive world of the 21st century coupled with the years of a strong reputation for expertise, leadership, and longstanding relationships with proven capacity to handle all of our customer's needs, servicing the northwest Ohio area.

As an Ohio licensed, insured and bonded electrical contractor specializing in commercial, industrial and residential accounts for the past five decades, we understand the unique demands that the discriminating customer can place upon us. We can provide expert troubleshooting; maintenance, installation, and consulting services.  We take pride in being knowledgeable in the latest developments in the electrical industry and can recommend the best application for your needs.

Quality & Qualified

Any electrical contractor will make sure what you see looks good, but what about the things you can’t see? 

We make sure our work is so well-thought out and executed that other contractors are pleasantly surprised. 

Your peace-of-mind knowing your electrical is done right is priceless.